This is a public platform for self exploration, expression and reflection as I learn and grow. To (re)member who I am and celebrate the people, things and places that inspire me. To share my thoughts and gifts in a meaningful way. To inspire those who I'm called to serve; my peers, my peasants (smile), my elders and especially my nieces. For my brother and my sister. For my brothers and my sisters. For my community; Brooklyn and beyond. For the liberation of my mind and heart. For the love of God and His people. I'm LaToya by the way and this is all my stuff. 


Many of the pages are still works in progress because, although having a perfect, complete package to publish was my intended goal, it was not God's will. So things will change and move around as often as needed until it's where it's suppose to be. I only pray that you're blessed by it along the way. Enjoy! -LaToya

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